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Dealing With Bad Weather on Moving Day

Rain Droplets

Do not let bad weather or an unanticipated storm derail your moving plans. Learn how to deal with inclement weather conditions and still stay on track with your move.

Think About Distance

When planning and parking during the move, try to focus on the carrying distance. Look for the shortest route, not just to keep your movers and helpers dry but also to limit the exposure your belongings will have to the elements.

Stash Supplies

Make sure that you have the right tools and supplies for the job. Bubble wrap, stretchy plastic wrap, and moving boxes are invaluable supplies that can protect your belongings in any weather. Start stashing these items now.

Turn On Utilities Before Unloading

Turn the utilities on before you begin moving in, if possible. This will aid in drying out anything that gets wet during transport while also offering you a warm haven during the process, which can be a big help when your crew is cold and tired.

Ask for Help

Ask for help with pets or small kids during a bad move. They should not have to suffer during a move on a stormy day. In addition, this will keep everyone safer during inclement conditions so that everyone can do the move as efficiently as possible.

Prepare the Home for Unloading

Take time to prepare the home for what you will bring in. Line the entryway, foyer, and porch with towels to prevent tracking in water, mud, or snow. Also, make sure the exteriors are safe for your moving team. Clear and deice the exteriors in winter to prevent hazards and reduce accidents.

Wrap Things Up

Hire professionals to wrap your valuable items, electronics, or appliances to ensure they are safe in any weather. This typically involves shrink-wrapping, and you can easily arrange this with your moving company. This will protect vulnerable belongings like televisions or computers from moisture during bad weather.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Get your car ready the night before the big move. Gas up and toss any items you may need inside, like gloves, glasses, keys, dry socks, and a few trash bags. This can save valuable time on moving day. Also, try to keep a little cash on hand for coffee or snacks.

Dress for the Weather

Make sure that you dress comfortably and sensibly for the weather conditions. Wear the right shoes to counter slippery surfaces and bring a waterproof poncho or nylon jacket, as well. Keep some dry socks and shoes on hand if the weather is wet outside for a quick change during the move. Dress in layers so you can remove or add apparel depending on the weather throughout the day.

Don't Rush

Probably the most important moving tip is to take your time. Do not rush and risk slipping, falling, or accidents during storms and bad weather. While you may feel the pressure of being under a tight deadline, try to put things in perspective and slow down a bit.

If you choose to hire professional movers, know that they often can schedule moves around the weather. Ask about this provision when meeting movers for initial estimates.

Worried about the weather on moving day? Reach out to the moving professionals at BOS Moving & Storage Inc. in Michigan for more information about getting things done when the weather does not cooperate. Use these tips to make your relocation as smooth as possible - even during a storm.

BOS Moving & Storage Inc. is ready to help you move during any weather. We are also happy to answer all your questions and provide a free on-site or online estimate today.