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Tips to Give Your Movers an Easy Time on Moving Day

Couple during moving day
How you prepare for and handle moving day determines how easy the project goes. Ideally, you ought to prepare your home so that your movers have an easy time loading your items when they arrive. Here are some of the things you can do to make the process easy for your movers.

Take Care of the Kids and Pets

Young children and pets can easily get in the way of the movers. For example, playful dogs or cats can jump into the moving truck or try to wrestle with your movers. Such antics can easily result in property damage, pet injury, or injury to a mover. Kids can also slow down the moving process.

Therefore, have someone take care of the kids and pets when the movers are there. For example, you can confine the pets to their crates or have a dog walker take care of the dog and get a babysitter to take care of the kids.

Reserve Parking Space

If you have limited parking space, take measures to ensure your movers will have adequate parking space on moving day. If you share parking space with others, talk to them to reserve the space for your movers. Also, approximate how much space is available so that your movers can gauge whether their chosen truck will fit or not.

Don't forget that you may have to pay additional fees if your movers can't park close to your front door. In such a case, the movers may charge you additional fees to transport your items from the house to the moving truck.

Reserve the Elevator

In addition to the parking space, you should also reserve the elevator if you don't live on the ground floor. In an apartment with multiple homes, the elevator can be so busy that your movers may find it difficult to share it with other people. Besides, some of your items may occupy the whole elevator space.

Find out from the landlord, manager, caretaker or whoever is in charge of the building how to reserve the elevator. Otherwise, your relocation may drag for a long time when you have to compete for elevator use with others.

Clear the Access Way

You should also ensure that your movers have access to your front door or parking space when they arrive. Make sure that you don't have debris all over your front yard, you don't have toys lying all over the place, or your driveway is chockfull with snow. Clear the access way before the movers arrive; they should not arrive and then have to wait for you to clear the pathways.

Categorize Items Appropriately

Most people don't relocate with all their household items. If you are like most people, you may sell some of your belongings, keep others in temporary storage, or even donate some of your stuff to those who have a use for them. In some cases, your moving day may arrive before you can get rid of the superfluous items.

Sort out your items so that your movers know exactly what to carry and what not to touch. For example, you can separate the items you don't plan to carry into a separate room. Don't plan to sort the items once the movers arrive because that will only delay the operation.

If you will prepare your home well, your movers will have an easy time the next time you want to relocate. At Bos Moving & Service Inc., we have the resources, skills, and experience to handle any relocation. Contact us today to enjoy professional moving services from a fully licensed and insured company.